• I have been working with Mark for 12 years and have bought and sold multiple properties with him. He is an absolutely fantastic real estate agent to work with, 100% recommended. What impresses me most about Mark is that he puts his client’s interest above his own. As a buyer, he helps you negotiate the price down even though that’s less money in his pocket. As a seller he helps you walk away from deals that are not in your best interest, even though it means a lot more work for him. In my most recent sale with Mark, I lived 6 hours away so it was difficult for me to do everything that needed to be done with the property to be ready. Mark was instrumental in working with contractors, working with tenants, showing the building, communicating with me, and generally working his butt off to get the deal done. Amazing. And if that’s not enough, Mark has a tremendous team behind him. He has great people that he works with like contractors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and property inspectors, that are instrumental to the process. If you choose to work with Mark, I’m confident that you’ll be happy that you did.
    Eugene S.
  • My wife and I worked with Mark both in looking for a new house, and for the sale of it two years later. The decision to go with Mark twice for both our real estate transactions was an easy one. He has an intimate knowledge of the Chicago housing market, its diverse neighborhoods, and their codes/laws. During the entire process, Mark was candid and forthright, paying close attention to the details of our home purchase and sale. Due to the unique situation in our home and finances, there were a lot of hiccups in the process. Not a problem for Mark. He was available via phone, text, or e-mail to help solve a problem or answer a question at virtually any time. He was always very friendly but professional and gave us sound advice. If he didn’t know the answer to a question, no matter how obscure or difficult, he made sure to find it from a professional who did. I think we had the best of both worlds in our transactions; a big name and reputation like Dreamtown and the personal attention and detail we got from Mark. We hold him in the highest esteem and would look to him for any future real estate transactions or questions in future. Chris Fisher, Ukrainian Village
    Chris F.
  • I worked with Mark Winkelman for a little over a year to find the perfect house. I fell in love and out of love with many houses throughout the course of our home search, and explaining to Mark why all of a sudden the house was worth 50,000 less than it was 2 days ago to me was always fun. I seriously thought every time I emailed him, he was going to break up with me. I ran him through the ringer so hard, I don’t know how he continued to work with me. He has more patience than anyone I have ever met and truly cares about finding the right house or property. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to even the pickiest buyers/sellers I know. CP, Bucktown
  • Mark Winkelman is the realtor to contact.
  • I recently purchased my first home in September 2009. My realtor was Mark Winkelman from Dream Town Realty. From beginning to end Mark provided me with the most superior service you could ask for. To be a first time homebuyer, it can be a little nerve wrecking, but Mark made it great comforting experience. He kept me informed during the entire process; from looking for my home to making an offer even to my closing. Mark didn’t have to, but even showed up for my closing. Thank you Mark for all your hard work. Anyone looking for a new home, I highly recommend using Mark at Dream Town.
    Edward H.
  • I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all your hard work in helping me buy my first condo recently. Your attention to detail, patience, and your ability to listen and find out what I really was looking for made it a pleasant experience. I especially like your idea of riding our bikes throughout the north side of Chicago during the summer hours to look at properties!!! As you know, this wasn’t an easy “run of the mill” closing. Through all of the hang ups with the lender, talking to lawyers (and not getting anywhere), me demanding things from the seller; YOU remained in tune with the entire situation and played and integral part in bringing everything together and getting all the parties “to the table”. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who’s in need of your services. Thanks again and good luck in the future!Ted Robinson, Edgewater
    Ted R.
  • I moved to Chicago from Atlanta last year and knew nothing about the area. Mark was AMAZING! He was knowledgeable about the market and area. He helped me find a great apartment in an amazing area in 1 day!!! I strongly recommend Mark!Laura Bernstein, Lincoln Park
    Lauren B.
  • Mark recently helped me with the purchase of my new home in Lakeview. As a first time homebuyer, I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. He was there for me from the beginning until the end. Mark actually listened to my wants and needs for my new home. He made the search easy. Being a first time homebuyer can be very nerve racking thing, but Mark eased those fears and easily walked me through the process. Anytime I had a question or concern he was always there for me with the answer. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or you’re buying your second or third home, I’d highly recommend using Mark as your realtor. Thank you, Mark for doing such a wonderful job. I couldn’t be happier!
    Eddie H.
  • Mark was absolutely fantastic in helping me find a great apartment to live. He was extremely professional, punctual and offered advice and guidance that blew me away. He got the perfect idea of what i was looking for and made appointments in buildings I would never have had the opportunity to look in. I am now the proud tenant of a fantastic unit, all thanks to the wonderful assistance Mark provided. I recommend him to anyone that is searching for a new home.Rebecca Spalding, Printers Row
    Rebecca S.
  • Mark Winkelman is truly a Realtor that goes all the way. He was there for me at every step and showed the understanding and expertise that every Realtor should have. I would HIGHLY recommend Mark to anyone that is purchasing a home in the Chicagoland area.Chelsea Kocina, Loop
    Chelsea K.
  • Mark went out of his way to make sure the purchase of my condo went smoothly. I was a first time buyer and he explained everything very clearly. After the purchase, he then helped me in listing and finding a renter for my newly acquired property.Brian Anderson, Lakeview
    Brian A.
  • Mark is a real estate agent unlike any other. He takes greater satisfaction in finding just the right place for his clients. Mark is very trustworthy, listens to your needs, reliable, pays attention to detail and is very quick to respond. Most importantly, his first concern is with representing you instead of himself. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone and everyone. Look no further!Holly, Lakeview
  • I have worked with Mark on both residential and commercial properties and he has gone above and beyond the call each time I have worked with him. He is professional, punctual and an overall pleasant person to work with.Christopher Papalia, Bucktown
    Christopher P.
  • Mark is a detailed, organized and professional Realtor. His knowledge of his surroundings exceeds most, and he is always friendly, positive and a team player.Kristen Siuba, Lakeview
    Kristen S.